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The Junction Braces

The Junction Braces

Straight Teeth Are Healthy Teeth.

Enjoy a beautiful smile with the following health benefits:

  • Fewer cavities, less problems with discoloration, no uneven wear and reduced risk of fracture. Gums are healthy too!
  • Straight teeth improve confidence, improving income opportunities and love life.
  • Those with straight teeth live longer: lowering your risk of systemic diseases, and improving nutrition as you age.
  • Prevents injury: protruding teeth are easily broken from a fall, brawl, or sports injury.

Step 1: Request a free consultation with Dr. Dolatyar using the button below or by calling (718) 444-6226

Step 2: Meet Dr. Dolatyar and work together to pick the best treatment option.

Step 3: Follow your treatment plan and show off your new smile!

The Junction Braces Offers Dental Care In A Modern And Caring Environment.

We are proud to serve the residents of Brooklyn and the surrounding areas with expert orthodontic care.

We know how important having a great smile is to looking and feeling good. That’s why Dr. Dolatyar and the entire team at The Junction Braces is committed to providing skilled treatment to children, teens, and adults. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile due to misaligned or crooked teeth, please contact us today. We are specialists in fitting patients for conventional braces, Invisalign, and retainers.

Our orthodontic practice is currently accepting new patients and we would love the opportunity to serve you with the highest quality dental care. We accept almost all dental insurance plans including PPO, HMO, DMO, Union, and some government plans.

Your treatment coordinator will work with you to determine the very best financial plan for you, based on your budget, credit history and treatment plan. We offer flexible and affordable, interest-free monthly payment plans through Lending Club and Care Credit with monthly payments as low as $150 for Invisalign clear aligners.

What Our Patients Are Saying.

“I find this place is the best place for children and for adults. The woman that took care of us couldn’t take care of us better, made my granddaughter feel comfortable. The dentist is doing the same, make them feel very comfortable and I would recommend this place to anyone with children or just themselves and their family”

“The staff here is amazing! I came for a clean up and Invisalign consult. Everyone was super excited for me & my new smile. They also made an effort to pronounce my name correctly- which was a plus!”

“Love this place, very professional, courteous and friendly. Makes me feel welcome! Had a cleaning that was gentle and thorough definitely Not uncomfortable like previous places. The entire staff makes my visit enjoyable, very clean facility. I recommend this place 100%”

Before and Afters

Meet Dr. Dolatyar: Your Smile Maker!

Dr. Sepideh Dolatyar isn't your typical orthodontist. She's a smile maker, crafting confidence and joy with every transformation she undertakes.

With origins at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, School of Dentistry, Dr. Dolatyar secured her first Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) degree in 2008 - a glimpse of the brilliance to come. But her quest for excellence knew no bounds. Years at the University of California in Los Angeles polished her skills, resulting in a second D.D.S. degree in 2014.

Her dental journey took Dr. Dolatyar at New York University, where she specialized in Orthodontics from 2015 to 2018, with a true passion for creating beautiful smiles. Today, she serves on the New York University Alumni Board for the Orthodontics Alumni Association. Dr. Dolatyar's career is a saga of crafting impeccable smiles. Her blend of knowledge, finesse, and compassion weaves a narrative of unparalleled orthodontic care.

More than a practitioner, Dr. Dolatyar is a confidence-builder. Her touch transforms smiles into beacons of self-assurance. Revered by peers, beloved by patients - her professionalism and warmth redefine orthodontic experiences. Step into the realm of Dr. Sepideh, where smiles are redesigned and lives are transformed.